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Rise at dawn, down at dusk. Breathe in, the fresh purified air, and listen to what the birds, the bugs, the leaves, and the flowing stream has to say. This is simple and balanced way of health that nature bestowed on us, performed daily at Ethos Forest. We offer guidance and activities to help everyone connect our inner selves to the elements in nature - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Ether. 

Aided meditation | Peaceful trance

There is no better place to practice meditation than the blissful hills of Ethos Forest. Shift your awareness to your every breath, and go on a self-discovery journey. The best time to meditate is early morning, as the sea of clouds come rolling in. If you have never tried meditation before, speak to our friendly staff for an audio guide.

Nature talks | Unknown wonders

Let our resident zoologist share the wonders of nature with you. These talks are free for all guests who would like to learn more about nature and wildlife. From critters smaller than your fingers, to beasts that roam our oceans; from the ones who glow through the night, to the shadows that glide through the day -- you will surely bring home a new appreciation for our magical planet!

Stargazing | Unveil purity

Citizens of the concrete jungles, how long has it been since you looked up to the sky? After your meal at SoulFull, you can wander along the balcony, or hold conversations beside the lake. If you wish to savour solitude, you may visit the grassy rooftop, where you can indulge in stargazing, any way you like.

If you wish to get closer to the stars, then bring yourself to the star avenue on the second floor. Rest on the open-air corridor, where you can glance out to the distant forest among the shadows. That is the tranquil night sky that we all long for.

Spring soaking | Let nature flow

Natural spring water flow through our hills, to bestow the element that cleanses our soul. The humble shallow pond below is rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other trace minerals. Soak your worries away, and recharge yourself the natural way. This is also your perfect chance to practice the Water element meditation.

On the promenade | One step at a time

Around our spring water lake, lies 64 volcanic stone slabs, each with its own significance. Remind yourself of every step that brought you to the present when you walk on the path. Complete a circle and allow yourself to enter calmness. This is where you can rebalance your inner Earth element.

Vege BBQ | Gather & grill

The camp life can’t go without BBQ! Why not bring your friends and have a special Vege BBQ together? From your taste buds into your heart, it’s a lighter toll on your body, yet double the fun! We will prepare the materials and equipment for RM50, you may bring your own ingredients (as long as there's no meat) or preorder from us.

Cleansing campfire | Pure element

How does one rekindle and reconnect the "fire element" within oneself with the fire crackling in the dark? Learn about the fire element and the role you didn't know it has in our life here at Ethos Forest.

Paper crafting | Recycle creativity

Get crafty with your family for a fun-filled day of making your own recycled paper. It's a great way to teach your children about gratitude and the importance of sustainability. Please approach our friendly staff for this activity. 

Sunrise hike | Reach the clouds

Go for an easy hike up our hill for a beautiful sunrise or sunset. You might be rewarded with a sea of clouds and endless photo opportunities! Find your best angle, and create your best memories here. If you look close and keep your ears open, you will find plenty of amazing critters along the way. This is your chance to reconnect your inner Wind element to nature.

Tree hugging | Feel the ground

Our sense of touch is more powerful than we realise. By embracing the tree, your body releases hormones that are responsible for emotional bonding and feelings of wellbeing, calmness and trust. Try to rebalance your Earth element with the mighty trees preserved in Ethos Forest.

Search for Moya | Mission game

Each team will be assigned an animal identity, and you will actively solve missions to find the missing Moya. A fun and engaging group activity for all ages, the more the merrier!  Please approach our friendly staff for this activity.

Sage Purification | Rekindling Flame

White sage is a highly spiritual herb that can be used to cleanse energy fields, objects, and spaces. Burning white sage can help a person gain clarity of thought and increase their spiritual awareness. Experience your fire element purification at Ethos Forest while you are here for a small fee of RM19.

Art Exchange | Draw in nature

Bring your colour pencils and paper to Ethos Forest, and invite your family and friends to practice drawing in nature! For extra creativity, try switching your drawings every 5 minutes and complete each other's drawings. Who knows, the results may surprise you!

Karaoke | Find your voice

Your drinks and snacks are ready, come sing your heart out for free! It's a perfect bonding session to share with your friends and family, or just sink in the music on your own.

Boardgames | For quiet days

Let us surprise you with our boardgame collection! Spend some quality time with your loved ones indoors when it is too hot outside. When was the last time you played one of these?

Colour Hunt | Explore nature

Add some colour to your family's day with our exciting new activity. Try to find these different colours in nature with your children. Let them learn to observe and appreciate nature in the process. Please approach our friendly staff for this activity.

Nature Quest | Observe close

What's on the leaves? Who’s under the flowers? Who’s hiding between the rocks? If you look closely, nature will take you through a mysterious door. Bring your child along for a treasure hunt in nature! Please approach our friendly staff for this activity.

Soaking Spa | Unwind your mind

Soak your worries away with our Herbal Spa or Himalaya Floral Salt Spa for just RM15. Enjoy the valley view or the starry sky while you are at it. It doesn't get much better than that.

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