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  • What is your maximum accommodation capacity?
    We currently only have 9 rooms available, which can fit 19 pax without extra beds. With extra beds, we can accomodate 25 pax. If guests are open to camping options, we can fit even more in our 3 different campsites.
  • What is included in the Block B Family Suite?
    The Block B Family Suite comes with 2 Twin Rooms, 1 Queen Room, 1 private living room, and 1 private kitchen. For family suite guests, we can also offer 3 extra beds worth RM270 and 3 Veggie Hotpots worth RM150 FREE of charge. The family suite is a more spacious option that can accommodate 6-10 guests.
  • How many rooms should I book?
    8 of our rooms can accommodate 2 guests per room, and our Mixed Room can accommodate 3 guests. We also have extra beds/mattresses available, so you may choose your option according to your budget. For example, a group of 6 may have these options: Spacious option: Block B Family suite (including 3x double bedrooms, 1 private kitchen & 1 private living room) for RM2000/weekday or RM2150/weekend. Alternative option: 3x Block A Double bedrooms for RM1350/weekday or RM1500/weekend. Budget option: 2x Block A Double bedrooms with 2x extra beds for RM1080/weekday or RM1180/weekend.
  • Does Ethos Forest provide dine-in meals?
    Besides breakfast, you can have your lunch or dinner in our restaurant – Moya Cafe. You can refer to the opening hours or menu in the "Cafe" tab menu. Dinner hotpot and BBQ need to be booked in advance.
  • Does Ethos Forest provide breakfast?
    Free breakfast is available for our staying guests from 8:30am-10:00am. Visit our "Cafe" page to see a list of food options.
  • When is the Check-in and Check-out time?
    Check-in is at 3 pm, and check-out time is 11am. Please contact us if you need to Check-in earlier, or Check-out later. We will try our best to accommodate your request.
  • Where do I check in?
    Please approach our friendly staff at the Moya Cafe to check-in. Kindly mention your name used for booking and make a refundable deposit by cash. Our team will then guide you to your room.
  • Do I need to book and pay online?
    Yes, please get in touch with us for an invoice. Only online payment is available for all accommodation bookings. We are on a first come first serve basis, and require full payment for booking confirmation. The Confirmation Email is ONLY valid after payment is completed.
  • Where do I park my vehicle?
    We provide free parking space on site, but please note that guests are fully responsible for their own belongings & vehicles.
  • Are the activities at Ethos Forest free of charge?
    Most activities are currently free of charge, with a few exceptions such as Veggie BBQ, Cleansing Campfire, and Search For Moya. Please let us know which activities you're interested in so we can prepare ahead of time. If you would like to go hiking, it's only a short 15 minutes hike up one path, please do not worry about getting lost and approach our friendly staff if you have any concerns.
  • How many people are allowed per room/campsite?
    The headcount of all rooms is provided on our website. Extra bed can be added for RM90/night and needs to be booked in advance.
  • Do you have WIFI facility at your resort?
    Due to the weak signal, we cannot provide a stable WIFI facility. We encourage our guests to immerse fully into the natural surroundings to get the most out of your getaway at Ethos Forest.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Cancellations before 14 days of the booked date can be rescheduled at no cost. Cancellations within 8 to 13 days of booked date will be charged 50%. Cancellations within 7 days of booked date will be charged the entire booking and considered as no-show. All rescheduling is only valid within one month of the booking date, subject to availability. *For corporate members, please refer to your agreement.
  • Are there any prohibited items?
    We strictly do not allow meat at Ethos Forest as we are a meat-free nature resort. Durians and alcohol are allowed in moderation, but please consume them in the open areas and clean up after yourselves.
  • Can I cook / BBQ at Ethos Forest?
    Cooking is allowed in family suite with private kitchen. Campers are entitled to complimentary use of outdoor kitchen as well. Please clean up after use. Kindly note that seafood or meat products are strictly prohibited. BBQ equipment is available for rent at RM50 (subject to availability).
  • Does Ethos Forest provide hot drinking water?
    Water dispensers are always available 24/7 in our café area. Our guests may get the hot water from there.
  • Are fridges/freezers available for guests?
    Fridges & freezers are available at our cafe and Block B outdoor kitchen, guests may choose to store their items there. Guests shall be responsible for their own belongings and remove their items upon check-out. Block B Family Suite guests also have a refrigerator available in the private kitchen.
  • Is there any quiet time?
    For the comfort of all our visitors, we have a 10 pm volume down policy.
  • What is your kid policy?
    0-3 years old: Free of charge 4-11 years old: RM50 (without extra bed) RM90 (with extra bed), breakfast included 12 years old and above: RM90 (with extra bed & breakfast)
  • Is Ethos Forest pet friendly?
    Pets are not allowed at Ethos Forest, thank you for your kind understanding.
  • Can I smoke at Ethos Forest?
    Smoking is not allowed at Ethos Forest, thank you for your kind understanding.
  • Do you have any corporate packages?
    Yes, we always encourage companies to offer their staff a "Refresh & Recharge" session at Ethos Forest. Please contact us for a corporate package with special value.
  • Do you offer discounts for NGOs and Educational Institutions?
    Whenever we can, Ethos Forest wants to share earth, share bliss. That's why we offer special discount pricing for qualified NGOs and educational institutions. Please contact our friendly staff for more details.
  • Any discount for long-term stays?
    If you would like a peaceful long-break away from the city, we will offer you 10% off accomodation for your 1st week (7D6N), plus free 3 hotpots per room. For your 2nd week with us, we can offer you an additional 3 hotpots per room, and 15% off accomodation.
  • Do you have an activity schedule?
    Here's a sample activity schedule guests may enjoy. Please note that this is NOT a fixed schedule, guests can still adjust their schedule according to their needs. Kindly tell us which activities you're interested in through WhatsApp (012-924 9662). 3pm - Check-in 4pm - Paper Crafting 造纸活动 4:30pm - Nature Talk 野外讲堂 8pm - Scorpion Search 寻找野生蝎子 9:30pm - Meditation 静坐 10pm - Stargazing 观星 6:40am - Sunrise Hike & Sea of Clouds 日出登山 观云海 7:20am - Earth & Water Element Meditation (Aura pool & 64 Energy Path) 山水池 & 64能量步道 9:30am - Treasure Hunt 亲子寻宝游戏 Some activities will have a small fee and subject to availability.
  • Any toilet and shower facilities for campers?
    Yes, there is a shared toilet with warm water shower available for campers.
  • Do guests have to bring their own tents?
    The campsite fee does not include tent rental. Guests may bring their own tents or rent from us, along with other appliances such as portable fan & light, mattress, BBQ Equipment etc.
  • How to calculate camping fee?
    The fee will be a normal campsite fee+headcount fee. Breakfast is included for everybody. Guests may choose to rent other camping appliances from us as well.
  • Do guests have to set up their own tents?
    We can send you a tutorial video for guests to try setting up their tents as part of the camping experience. However, guests may also approach our friendly staff for help if they are having trouble setting up their tents.
  • Are electricity sockets available at the campsites?
    Aditya Hall Campsite & Starry Rooftop Campsite have a limited number of electricity sockets nearby, but the Lakeside Campsite does not. The nearest electricity socket for Lakeside guests will be next to the Block B shared toilet. Please refer to our "About Us" page for our site map.
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