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About Us

Let your clunky city armour fall, as it naturally should. When life itself sings you its mellow chorus, you are but a corner away from Ethos Forest.


Ethos Forest is a meat-free nature resort located in the hills of Pahang, Malaysia. Not just any getaway, but a place of rest.

Ethos Forest serves as a medium for invaluable experiences within and beyond oneself. Learn about how to connect our inner selves to the elements in nature - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Ether. 

Ethos is the distinguishing character, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.


As human beings, we strive for constant improvement in our ethos. Thus, the meaning behind “Ethos Forest” is a place where we learn how to better ourselves and polish our ethos.

Quality Bed Quality Sleep

We are committed to bringing you the best sleep experience with 100% relaxation and recharge! Each bed is uniquely custom-made with thick layers of premium memory foam and natural latex for the best comfort and spinal support.

Ethos Forest Map


Our solar panels cover 50% of our total current electricity usage. We would like to be part of a bright & sustainable future.

We do not provide single-use toiletries to avoid waste. Kindly bring your own towels, toothbrush & toothpaste.

We harvest rainwater to maximise water use efficiency. It's always a good idea to treasure our natural resources.


Kindly bring your reusable bags to shop with us. We could also carry your goods to your vehicle. Please help us reduce plastic use.

Kindly inform our friendly staff if you would like to wash your bedsheets every day if you are staying for multiple nights.

Our buildings were built to last before they were built to impress. Maximising building longevity helps us minimise material waste.

Water Use

Less Plastic

Meat-free Meals

Not only is a meat-free diet healthy for our bodies, it is also healthy for our planet. The environment only provides limited resources, and it takes a lot more resources to produce meat than plants. For example, 628L of water is needed to make just 1 Litre of dairy milk. In comparison, only 28L of water is needed to produce 1 Litre of soymilk!

By choosing a plant-based diet, we get to use our resources efficiently, and help sustain our environment for our future generations. The world is too precious to exchange it for brief pleasures, let's do our part for our home, one meal at a time.

Ethos Forest is powered by etblisse


Share Earth, Share Bliss.

Through the “Pay it Forward” concept, Etblisse aims to fund environmentally friendly projects (regardless of race, religion, gender, or region) to raise environmental awareness and raise community living standards.


Part of the profits gained from products or services sold through funded projects will be invested back into green projects or returned to the community through non-profit projects. To spread love and benefit the community.


To support a natural and balanced development of mankind and the environment. To return to a healthy and balanced self.

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