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etblisse x Langur Project Penang

For every etblisse Emil a2 Purple Vision Milk sold through Biogreen, 3% will be donated to Langurs Project Penang to help conserve the endangered Dusky Langurs.

two dusky langurs by the road

What are Dusky Langurs?

Dusky langur in the sunlight

The Dusky Langur is a species of endangered primate found in Malaysia. They have white patches around their eyes that resembles a pair of glasses, thus they are also called the Spectacled Leaf Monkeys.


Their diet consists of leaves, fruits, seeds, flowers, and shoots. They have a special gut sac with bacterias that can ferment and break down the plants they eat. Even though they only weigh 5-9kg, they consume 2kg of food on a daily basis!


Dusky langurs are important seed dispersers, they help maintain our precious rainforests and make sure we have a healthy ecosystem. They have strong family bonds and live together in groups of 5-20. 

A baby dusky langur is born golden, and they slowly turn black after 6 months of age. Unfortunately, that makes them the target for illegal pet trade. Poachers would kill the mother langur and strip the baby off for sale. We do not have the ability to provide for the langurs what they need in captivity, many langurs have died shortly after being forced into being pets.

Please note that the fine for illegal wildlife trade is now up to RM1 million and up to 15 years in jail. Help report such cruelty by contacting PERHILITAN hotline at 1-800- 88-5151.


Baby dusky langur that has golden fur
Dusky langur roadkill in Malaysia

Urban development and roads have also brought dangers to the dusky langurs. They are forced to race between roaring vehicles and cross roads to reach their habitat. Many have died and we are expecting more deaths as infrastructure development continues to expand across Malaysia.

About Langur Project Penang

Founded in January 2016, the Langur Project Penang (LPP) is a community science-based outreach and conservation project in Malaysia. LPP aims to foster coexistence among humans and urban wildlife through citizen science-based fieldwork capacity building, environmental education, and conservation efforts. LPP built the first artificial road canopy bridge in Malaysia, and is working towards expanding their efforts.

There are many ways to support Langur Project Penang, such as volunteering your time, donating, spreading awareness, and reporting wildlife sightings. We believe in the positive work that LPP is doing, hence we are showing our support through donating 3% of each Purple Vision Milk sold to LPP.

Primatologist Jo Leen holding the etblisse Emil a2 Purple Vision Milk

etblisse Emil a2 Purple Vision Milk is a specially formulated plant-based milk containing 40% purple Chinese yam, purple and red sweet potatoes, coupled with wholegrain brown rice and oats, making it a storehouse of antioxidants like anthocyanin and beta-carotene. Anthocyanin helps to protect our eyes from light-induced damage and enhances night vision, while beta-carotene shields our eyes from UV rays, helping us delay cataracts and prevent macular degeneration.

A box of etblisse Emil a2 sachets in a box of purple sweet potato
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